PROJECT Mission, vision and values.

LARE s.a. was born from the vision of sustainability, economy, technology and regional development.


LARE Context and history of the company.

Today's society depends on energy to meet the basic human needs as the productive processes development. To ensure sustainable development is necessary to have secure energy services, low environmental impact and reduced emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG).
However, fossil fuels will still represent 80% of total energy suply on the globe, and consumption of these fuels generates about 60% of the GHG total emissions.
In this context we created Latinamerican Renewable Energy (LARE S.A.), a company dedicated to the production of renewable energy from biomass that offers a friendly energy alternative to the environment.


The years of effort and research finally paid off.

PROCESSES Process based aproach

Any activity that uses resources to transform inputs into results can be considered as a process. LARE S.A. seeks to continually improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, for which identifies and manages numerous interrelated processes; such as management processes that define the handling of medium and long term of the organization; the realization processes, materializing in the product the customer requirements; and support processes that facilitate the operation of all processes providing the necessary support.

Sustainable production

We are committed to ensure that our wood sourcing practices and pellet production operations are in accordance with our STATEMENT OF SUSTAINABILITY.

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Through the process based approach we achieve the following:

  • Identify and understand the links between processes.
  • Understand and meet the requirements of each activity.
  • Improve the efficiency of processes.
  • Objectively measure the continuous improvement of processes.